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Beulah Land by Nancy StewartBeulah Land

Seventeen-year-old Vi Sinclair’s roots run deep in the Missouri Ozarks, where, in some areas, it can still be plenty dangerous to be a girl who likes girls. Her greatest wish is to become a veterinarian like her boss, Claire Campbell. Fitting in at school wouldn’t be so bad, either. Only one obstacle stands in the way: She may not live long enough to see her wishes fulfilled.

With help from her only friend, Junior, Vi unravels a mystery that puts her in conflict with a vicious tormentor, a dog fight syndicate, and her own mother. Vi’s experience galvanizes her strength and veracity as she overcomes the paradox of mountain life, in which, even today, customs and mores seem timeless, and where a person can wake up dead simply because of being who she is.

One Pelican at a Time

One Pelican at a Time

Winner of Children’s Literary Classics Silver Award

Bella and her best friend, Britt, love living by the beach. When their old friend, the pelican with the crooked beak, gets into trouble, the girls want to help but are told there is nothing they can do. However, with quick thinking and action, they help to save his life as well as the lives of other pelicans living near the beach. One Pelican at a Time recently made Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Children’s Books list.

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Excerpt from One Pelican at a Time:

The girls waited and watched while adults tried to fix the problem. That is, until they saw the old pelican leave his perch and plunge into a patch of blackened sea.

Britt gasped. “Will he come back up?”

“If he does, how can he live? Bella asked.

But he did come to the surface, covered in heavy tacky oil. After seeing his oily feathers, the girls took action.

“Help! Help us help the pelican! both girls screamed.

Normally on such a hot summer day, the beach boy would be renting colorful umbrellas to his customers. Instead, he sat alone on the sand. “What’s wrong?” He jumped up and ran toward the girls.

“The old pelican! The old pelican! We have to save him! Bella sobbed.

“Come on. No time to lose!” The young man sprinted down the beach toward the clean-up crews.

“Ah, I know that old bird,” nodded the crew chief. “Let’s go get him.”

Sea Turtle Summer by Nancy Stewart

Sea Turtle Summer

Winner of Children’s Literary Classics Gold Award

Bella and her best friend, Britt, think living by the beach is the best thing ever. When they discover an unprotected sea turtle’s nest, they go into action! But what can they do, and what lesson do they learn about themselves? This book contains kid-appealing sea turtle facts, too!

Sea Turtle Summer hit #1 on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in Children’s Books upon release.

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Excerpt from Sea Turtle Summer

Next morning, the girls looked carefully at the nest, making sure not to touch it.

“Our stick’s still here, and everything seems okay,” observed Britt.

Bella sighed.  “But there’s no sign of the ranger.”

“And here comes the sand cleaner!” cried Britt.  “We have to do something fast.”

“Quick!  Hold hands across the nest.  Maybe he’ll stop in time!” Bella yelled.

The sand cleaning machine came to a squealing stop right in front of the girls. “What do you two think you’re doing?” bellowed the startled driver.   “You could have been hurt!”

“We’re saving sea turtles!” they both shouted over the noisy vehicle.

“Sorry, girls, but volleyball nets are going up right here in a few minutes,” said the driver.   “There’s an all city play-off this morning.”

“Oh, no,” Bella sighed.  “What about the nest?”

Katrina and Winter by Nancy Stewart

Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage

Winner of the Childre

n’s Literary Classics Silver Award and Seal of Approval


All Katrina Simpkins longs to be is a normal girl. Because she must wear prosthesis as a leg, she feels anything but. When she meets and befriends Winter, the tailless dolphin, at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, everything changes, including Katrina’s whole life. Read the story of these real life partners in courage!

Excerpt from Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage

“I can’t wait to see everything!” eight year old Katrina shouted. Palm trees seemed to speed by the car window. She gathered her hair into a ponytail. “Know what?” she asked her parents in the front seat. “In won’t mind using my helper leg. It’ll be crowded at Disney World, and no one’s gonna notice.” I hope, she thought.

As they drove toward the aquarium, Katrina began to get nervous, the way she always did in new surroundings. She felt a thin sheen of sweat above her lop in spite of the car’s chilled air.

She stepped into the brilliant sunlight and looked around. Parking lot’s not very crowded, but maybe more people will come soon. Entering the building, Katrina said, “What’s with this place? It’s tiny. I don’t see any fish either.”

Around the corner of the lobby, she noticed a large aquarium window. Through it she saw an animal that looked unusual.

Bella Save the Beach by Nancy StewartBella Saves the Beach

Winner of Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Living by the sea is cool, but Bella worries when she starts to see trash all over the sand. She sets about to save the beach but finds it’s so much harder than she thought it would be. What can only one girl do? This book contains fun facts about birds and other animals that live by the beach, too. Artist Samantha Bell’s illustrations perfectly complement the story.

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Illustrations from Bella Saves the Beach

Gulls in tidal pools

Cleaning up trash on the beach