Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting. I developed an appreciation of stories for young people as a university professor specializing in children’s and young adult literature. My travels throughout the world and my deep love of nature inspired me to write One Pelican at a Time, Sea Turtle Summer, Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage, and my third book in the popular Bella and Britt series, Bella Saves the Beach. I hope you enjoy my site and blog!

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Beulah Land by Nancy StewartBeulah Land

Seventeen-year-old Vi Sinclair’s roots run deep in the Missouri Ozarks, where, in some areas, it can still be plenty dangerous to be a girl who likes girls. Her greatest wish is to become a veterinarian like her boss, Claire Campbell. Fitting in at schoolwouldn’t be so bad, either. Only one obstacle stands in the way: She may not live long enough to see her wishes fulfilled.

With help from her only friend, Junior, Vi unravels a mystery that puts her in conflict with a vicious tormentor, a dog fight syndicate, and her own mother. Vi’s experience galvanizes her strength and veracity as she overcomes the paradox of mountain life, in which, even today, customs and mores seem timeless, and where a person can wake up dead simply because of being who she is.


One Pelican at a Time by Nancy Stewart

One Pelican at a Time
Guardian Angel Publishing

One Pelican at a Time, winner of Children’s Literary Classics Silver Award, is thestory of two girls–Bella and her best friend, Britt–and their valiant struggle to save the life of the old crooked-beaked pelican. Along the way, they help other endangered pelicans as well. The artist, Samantha Bell, is also be the artist for Bella Saves the Beach and Sea Turtle Summer.



Sea Turtle Summer by Nancy StewartSea Turtle Summer
Guardian Angel Publishing

Bella and her best friend, Britt, think living by the beach is the best thing ever. When they discover an unprotected sea turtle’s nest, they go into action! Sea Turtle Summer, winner of Children’s Literary Classics Gold Award, hit #1 on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in Children’s Books upon its release. Read more and view the book trailer.



Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage
Guardian Angel Publishing

All Katrina Simpkins longs to be is a normal girl. Because she must wear prosthesis as a leg,she feels anything but. When she meets and befriends Winter, the tailless dolphin, at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, everything changes, including Katrina’s whole life. A true story and winner of the Children’s Literary Classics International Silver Award and Seal of Approval for 2013. Read more.



Bella Save the Beach by Nancy StewartBella Saves the Beach
Guardian Angel Publishing

Living by the beach is cool, but Bella worries when she starts to see trash all over the sand. Bella Saves the Beach, winner of the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval for 2013, teaches kids about the environment and how they can care for it. Read more and view the book trailer.